CERT C Coding Standard

The SEI CERT C Coding Standard defines the following "rules for secure coding in the C programming language" with the goal to "to develop safe, reliable, and secure systems, for example by eliminating undefined behaviors that can lead to undefined program behaviors and exploitable vulnerabilities" [1].

Preprocessor (PRE)

Declarations and Initialization (DCL)

Expressions (EXP)

Integers (INT)

Floating Point (FLP)

Array (ARR)

Characters and Strings (STR)

Memory Management (MEM)

Input/Output (FIO)

Environment (ENV)

Signals (SIG)

Error Handling (ERR)

Concurrency (CON)

Miscellaneous (MSC)


[1] SEI CERT. C Coding Standard: Rules for Developing Safe, Reliable, and Secure Systems. 2016.