BF Team
Irena Bojanova is the Primary Investigator and the lead of the NIST Bugs Framework (BF). She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics/Computer Science from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her current research interests include cybersecurity and formal methods. Dr. Bojanova is the Editor of the Cybersecurity department of the IEEE IT Professional magazine and Associate Editor of the IEEE Computer magazine. She is a Senior member of the IEEE Computer Society. Contact her at
Carlos E. C. Galhardo is is a researcher at Inmetro, Brazil. He earned his Ph.D in Physics from the Universidade Federal Fluminense. His research interests include information science, cybersecurity, and mathematical modeling in interdisciplinary applications.
Farhan Nadeem is a computer scientist at NIST. He earned his MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland.
Markus Schordan is a Software Engeneer at Google. Throughout his career, he has been working on aspects of software verification, compiler construction, high-performance computing, and reversible computation. Dr. Schordan is the Editor of the Software Technology column of the IEEE IT Professional magazine.
Mehdi Mirakhorli is an associate professor and Kodak Endowed Scholar at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He is the founding director of Software Design and Productivity Laboratory and an affiliated member of the Global Cybersecurity Institute at RIT. His research interests are on the intersection of Software Engineering and Cybersecurity. Dr. Mirakhorli serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Software and Systems (JSS) and IEEE Transaction in Software Engineering (TSE).
Sara Moshtari is a PhD student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). She received her M.S. in software engineering from Shiraz University in 2013. Her research interests include software security, data-driven software analysis, software vulnerability detection, and machine learning. She is also a software developer and works with different programming languages.