BF Team
Irena Bojanova (Project Lead) is a computer scientist at NIST. Previously she was a program chair at UMUC, an academic director at JHU-CTY, and a co-founder of OBS Ltd. (now CSC Bulgaria). She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics/ Computer Science from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1991. Irena serves as EIC of IEEE IT Professional magazine, co-chair of IEEE RS IoT TC and founding member of IEEE TSC on Big Data. She was the founding chair of IEEE CS Cloud Computing STC, EIC of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, Committee on Integrity Chair and a Member at Large of IEEE CS Publications Board.
Carlos E. C. Galhardo is a researcher at the Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology, INMETRO. He is working at NIST as a guest researcher with the SAMATE--BF team. He earned his Ph.D in Physics in 2010 from Universidade Federal Fluminense. His research interests include data analysis, physics of information and software security in embedded systems (measurement instruments).
Farhan Nadeem is an aspiring computer scientist at NIST. An avid technology enthusiast, he is currently majoring in Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland. He is interested in programming, and is studying Java. As a new member of the SAMATE team, he is working on the website for the Bugs Framework.
Kyle Sung is a NIST Intern and senior at Winston Churchill High School. With a passion for tech, Kyle plans to study computer science in the near future. As a member of the SAMATE team, Kyle helps update and maintain the Bugs Framework website.
Markus Schordan is a computer scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Previously he held positions at the University of Klagenfurt, Vienna University of Technology, and University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. Throughout his career, he has been working on aspects of software verification, compiler construction, high-performance computing, and reversible computation. Dr. Schordan is the Editor of the Software Technology column of the IEEE IT Professional magazine. Most recently, he served as General Chair of the International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO 2018).
Mehdi Mirakhorli is an associate professor and Kodak Endowed Scholar at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He is the founding director of Software Design and Productivity Laboratory and an affiliated member of the Global Cybersecurity Institute at RIT. His research interests is on the intersection of Software Engineering and Cybersecurity. Dr. Mirakhorli serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Software and Systems (JSS) and IEEE Transaction in Software Engineering (TSE). He is recipient of NSF CAREER award and multiple ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards.
Former Team Members and Interns
Paul E. Black has nearly 20 years of industrial experience in developing software for IC design and verification, assuring software quality, and managing business data processing. He is the founder and editor of the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures Black earned a Ph.D. from Brigham Young University in 1998. He taught classes at Brigham Young University and Johns Hopkins University. He has published in static analysis, software testing, networks and queuing analysis, formal methods, software verification, quantum computing, and computer forensics. He is a member of ACM and a senior member of IEEE.
Yaacov Yesha is a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He earned his PhD in Computer Science in 1979 from the Weizmann Institute of Science. His research interests include software assurance and cloud computing.
Yan Wu is an assistant professor at the Computer Science Department of Bowling Green State University. Previously she was a guest researcher with the SAMATE team at NIST. She earned her Ph.D. degree in Information Technology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2011. Her research interests are software engineering and software assurance.
Zachary Evans is a former NIST Volunteer, who currently works towards his Software Engineering degree at RIT.