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Test Suite #106: Klocwork test suite

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Select Test Case ID(up) Submission Date Language Type of Artifact Status Description Weakness Bad
20782008-07-09CSource CodeCandidate Integer pointer is assigned a value within current buffer.None givenGood test case
20772008-07-09CSource CodeCandidate Character pointer is assigned value beyond current buffer using ...None givenBad test case
14832006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Memory for a Struct object is freed and not referenced further.None givenGood test case
14822006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Return of an uninitialized pointer from a function.CWE-416: Use After Free
Bad test case
14812006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Attempt to assign a pointer address without allocating memory.None givenBad test case
14802006-02-22C++Source CodeDeprecated Attempt to call function of deleted object.None givenBad test case
14792006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Attempted double free with primary control flow influencing ...CWE-415: Double Free
Bad test case
14782006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Attempt to pass a pointer to freed memory to function.None givenBad test case
14772006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Attempt to assign memory content that has already been freed.None givenBad test case
14762006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Attempt to return a pointer to memory that has been freed.CWE-416: Use After Free
Bad test case
14752006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Attempt to double free memory.CWE-416: Use After Free
Bad test case
14742006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Pointer reference to freed memory is returned in function.None givenBad test case
14732006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Memory is freed, then the pointer variable (not the memory location)iNone givenGood test case
14722006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Variable used as index of array is correctly initialized before use.None givenBad test case
14712006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Variable used in boolean expression is correctly initialized ...None givenGood test case
14702006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Integer is not initialized prior to being used as an array index.None givenBad test case
14692006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Pointer is not initialized prior to being used to assign a value ...None givenBad test case
14682006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Integer is not initialized prior to being incremented in an ...None givenBad test case
14672006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Integer is not assigned a value prior to use in a boolean expression.None givenBad test case
14662006-02-22CSource CodeCandidate Integer is not initialized prior to being used in boolean expression.None givenBad test case
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