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Test Suite #62: Defence R&D Canada

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Select Test Case ID(up) Submission Date Language Type of Artifact Status Description Weakness Bad
15432006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate Use of negative index when accessing an array or negative size ...None givenBad test case
15422006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A string function is passed a value without format string. This ...None givenBad test case
15412006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate The size passed to malloc is not big enough to represent the type. ..None givenBad test case
15402006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A pointer to a local variable will go out of scope after the ...None givenBad test case
15392006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A reference to an allocated resource is lost because of pointer ...None givenBad test case
15382006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate Reading of an uninitialized variable. . . . These test cases ...CWE-457: Use of Uninitialized Variable
Bad test case
15372006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A pointer to allocated memory is used, even if the memory block ...None givenBad test case
15362006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate Use of gets(), strcpy() and similar functions, where there is no waytNone givenBad test case
15352006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A non null-terminated string is read. . . . These test cases ...None givenBad test case
15342006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate An array is overrun. . . . These test cases were graciously ...None givenBad test case
15332006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A non-virtual destructor is never called. . . . These test ...None givenBad test case
15322006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A signed integer looses its sign when implicitly casted to an ...None givenBad test case
15312006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A value is casted into a type that can't represent it, because ...None givenBad test case
15302006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate The value exceeds the representation capacity of the type. . . ...None givenBad test case
15292006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A buffer function is called with a destination size too big. . . ...None givenBad test case
15282006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate Incorrect pointer arithmetic to access a data structure. . . . ...CWE-466: Return of Pointer Value Outside of Expected Range
Bad test case
15272006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A C++ array is not deleted correctly, which could lead to memory ...CWE-401: Improper Release of Memory Before Removing Last Reference ('Memory Leak')
Bad test case
15262006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate The condition to exit the loop is never satisfied. . . . These testcNone givenBad test case
15252006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A division by zero occurs. . . . These test cases were ...None givenBad test case
15242006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate An erased c++ iterator is dereferenced. . . . These test cases weregNone givenBad test case
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