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Test Suite #62: Defence R&D Canada

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Select Test Case ID(up) Submission Date Language Type of Artifact Status Description Weakness Bad
15232006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A past-the-end c++ iterator is dereferenced. . . . These test caseswNone givenBad test case
15222006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate A null pointer is dereferenced. . . . These test cases were ...CWE-476: NULL Pointer Dereference
Bad test case
15212006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate memcopy() is used to copy memory from one region to another, but thetNone givenBad test case
15202006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate free() is given a pointer to something else than an allocated memorybNone givenBad test case
15192006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate The bit shift is bigger than the size of the integral type or is ...None givenBad test case
15182006-06-09C++Source CodeCandidate This test case includes the entire suite of code examples ...None givenBad test case
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