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Byte Code Scanners


Static Byte Code Scanners are used like Source Code Security Analyzers, however they detect vulnerabilities in the byte code.

Some Instances

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ToolLanguage(s)Avail.CCRFinds or Checks for      as of      
FindBugs™ Java class files free null pointer deferences, synchronization errors, vulnerabilities to malicious code, etc. It can be linked to Java source code to highlight the problem in the source. 23 June 2005
Gendarme .NET Applications free extensible rule-based tool to find problems in .NET applications and libraries. 30 Oct 2008
Moonwalker .NET Applications free find deadlocks and assertion violations in .NET programs 14 Nov 2008
Smokey .NET or Mono assemblies correctness, design, security, performance and other rules 13 Nov 2008