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Test case 2073

Deprecated test case

This version contains mistakes, making it deprecated. Deprecated test cases should not be used for new work. However, They remain in the SARD as a reference to redo previous work. The latest version of this test case is available here.


Buffer Overflow. This code has been donated by MIT. This test case has the following characteristics :
write/read = Write,
Which bound = Upper,
Data type = character,
Memory location = stack,
Scope = same,
Container = no,
Pointer = no,
Index complexity = function return value,
Address complexity = constant,
Length complexity = N/A,
Address alias = no,
Index alias = none,
Local control flow = if,
Secondary control flow = none,
Loop structure = N/A,
Loop complexity = no,
Asynchrony = argc/argv,
Taint = yes,
Runtime env. dependence = none,
Magnitude = discrete,
Continuous/discrete = discrete,
Signedness = no.


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