The SAMATE Project Department of Homeland Security



	    National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
       Software Assurance Metrics and Tool Evaluation (SAMATE) Project

			Static Analysis Summit

			     29 June 2006
			Gaithersburg, MD, USA

"Black-box" software testing cannot realistically find maliciously
implanted Trojan horses or subtle errors which have many
preconditions.  For maximum reliability and assurance, static analysis
must be applied to all levels of software artifacts, from models to
source code to byte code to binaries.  The goal of this workshop is to
convene researchers, developers, and government and industrial users
to explore the state of the art in software static analysis tools and
techniques with an emphasis on software security.

We solicit contributions describing basic research, novel
applications, experience, and proposals relevant to static analysis
tools, techniques, and their evaluation.  Questions and topics of
particular interest are:
  * What is possible with today's techniques?
  * What is feasible with today's tools?
  * What is NOT possible or feasible with current tools or techniques?
  * Where are the gaps that further research might fill?
  * What is the minimum performance bar for a source code analyzer?
  * Static analysis' contribution to software security assurance
  * Flaw catching effectiveness of methods, techniques, or tools
  * Benchmarks or reference datasets
  * Software security assurance metrics
  * How can users, developers, or researchers evaluate the performance of
      static analysis tools?
  * User experience drawing useful lessons or comparisons


Papers should be from 1 to 8 pages long.  Papers exceeding eight pages
will not be reviewed.  All submissions should clearly identify their
novel contributions.

Submit papers electronically in PDF or ASCII text by 20 May 2006 to
Liz Fong <>.  Your submission constitutes permission for
us to publish it in workshop proceedings.

We will notify submitters of acceptance by 1 June 2006.


Accepted papers, along with workshop presentations where possible,
will be published in the workshop proceedings as a NIST Special


20 May:  Paper submission deadline
 1 June: Author notification
13 June: Final camera-ready copy due
29 June: Workshop

Paul E. Black