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Test Case IDCandidate157017
Bad / Good / MixedBadBad test case
AuthorIARPA STONESOUP Test and Evaluation team
Test suite: 102  
Application: 15  
Added byCharles Oliveira
Type of test caseSource Code
Input string
Expected Output
See src/docs/howtobuild.html file for instructions on how to install.
Submission date2015-10-06
DescriptionThe system or application is vulnerable to file system contents
disclosure through path equivalence. Path equivalence involves the
use of special characters in file and directory names. The associated
manipulations are intended to generate multiple names for the same
object. This test will accept input of a file to read, but prohibits access
to file in the /etc directory. The input generates an equivalent name
/////etc/////passwd which bypasses the filter.

- Base program: Apache POI
- Source Taint: SOCKET
- Data Type: ARRAY
- Data Flow: VAR_ARG_LIST
- Control Flow: INTERRUPT

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File Contains:
CWE-041: Improper Resolution of Path Equivalence on line(s): 490, 491, 492, 493, 494, 495, 496, 497, 498






Contact: :: Created: Jan. 2006 :: Updated: Nov. 2017 :: Version: 4.9