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Test Case IDCandidate153975
Bad / Good / MixedBadBad test case
AuthorIARPA STONESOUP Test and Evaluation team
Test suite: 102  
Application: 11  
Added byCharles Oliveira
Type of test caseSource Code
Input string
Expected Output
See src/build.xml and src/maven-build.xml.
Submission date2015-10-06
DescriptionThis test takes input in the form of an integer
and creates an array of that size. If the input is too large
an exception is raised and the array is initialized to a
default size without ever changing the size variable. This
leads to an ArrayIndexoutOfBoundsException when the array
is accessed.
- Base program: Apache Jena
- Source Taint: SOCKET
- Data Type: SIMPLE
- Data Flow: VAR_ARG_LIST
- Control Flow: SEQUENCE

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File Contains:
CWE-460: Improper Cleanup on Thrown Exception on line(s): 856, 857, 858, 859