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Test Case IDCandidate153146
Bad / Good / MixedBadBad test case
AuthorIARPA STONESOUP Test and Evaluation team
Test suite: 102  
Application: 18  
Added byCharles Oliveira
Type of test caseSource Code
Input string
Expected Output
See src/INSTALL file for instructions on how to install.
Submission date2015-10-06
DescriptionThis test case checks if the taint source is less than 20 characters, and if so, allocates a buffer on the heap with 20 characters. It sets the buffer to all 0's, then calls realpath on the taint source, with the destination being the 20-character heap buffer. If realpath evaluates to more than 20 characters, it will over-write memory reserved for the memory manager, resulting in a glibc error when the heap buffer is freed.
- Base program: Gimp
- Source Taint: SOCKET
- Data Type: ARRAY
- Data Flow: BASIC
- Control Flow: INFINITE_LOOP

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File Contains:
CWE-785: Use of Path Manipulation Function without Maximum-sized Buffer on line(s): 2459, 2460, 2461, 2462, 2463, 2464, 2465, 2466, 2467, 2468