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Toyota InfoTechnology Center (ITC), U.S.A.static analysis benchmarks for undefined behavior andconcurrency weaknesses. 100 test cases in C and C++containing a total of 685 pairs of intended weaknesses.Each pair has a version with a weakness and a fixed version.The test cases are Copyright (c) 2012-2014 and distributedunder the "BSD License." See Shin''ichi Shiraishi, Veena Mohan,and Hemalatha Marimuthu, "Test Suites for Benchmarks ofStatic Analysis Tools," IEEE Int''l Symp. on Software ReliabilityEngineering (ISSRE ''15), DOI: 10.1109/ISSREW.2015.7392027,originally obtained from

Please note that test cases contain coincidental weaknessesflagged by SAMATE team, each described accordingly and individually.

Also please note that the SAMATE team determined that in a few cases,the code that was marked as weakness originally was in fact correct code.We describe these cases accordingly and individually.

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